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You do not need to have a special qualification. Anyway we enjoy to meet highly motivated tester as well

We Test DIGITAL Products

A lot of you know E-books, Webinars, Videos and many other digital products.

We do product testing for this digital products. Why this? There is a big need to understand how we could customize that products in the best way. Come and join our product tester club. We guarantee you many great digital products which needs review to be successful on the market.

Our Job Offers


Content Creator

Do you like copywriting? Explore our Copywriting tasks.


Texter / Copywriter

We are customizing PLR Products. Would you like to participate?


Customer Relationship Officer

We expand to US market at the moment. That creates a great chance for you. Would you like to join us?


Product Developer

The adaptation of your products to US Market is not a challenge for you? Great to hear. Please contact us.


Webdesign & Brand Manager

Do you like to start as a Webdesigner, Brand Manager?


Senior Customer Relationship Officer

Very important position. A group manager role.


SEO Manager

Search Engine Optimisation is your passion? Come and join us.


Senior Product Developer

The adaptation of your products to US Market is not a challenge for you? A group manager role.

Our Mission in Design Thinking

Do you have experiences with Design Thinking?



Problem Definition

Selecting a focus user and clearly defining his or her problem.


Developing Key Concepts and Visuals

Building up empathy by interviewing and observing the user - The result are the ideas solving the clients problem.




Rapid prototyping of one or more ideas. Getting feedback on the first prototype to improve it.


Deploy Resources and Execute

The final solution presented to our clients. Our key-clients are in the phase 3. We are finalising their final products.


Send us your Job Application

Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Welcome to my review today,

As an affiliate marketer myself, I know that traffic the lifeblood of any online business because when it comes to making money online, traffic is mandatory. Expecting to make money online without traffic is like expecting a car to run without gasoline or wanting a plant to grow without water.

That is why a lot of marketers these days teach paid traffic methods. And while those are good for moving and scaling up quickly, paid traffic has a big drawback – it costs a lot of money, especially with Google and Facebook getting a stranglehold on the search and social markets (respectively).

This has forced a lot of people out of the paid traffic market. So free traffic has become a much more appealing method – and is good for beginners too, who might not have the budget, experience or risk appetite for sending paid traffic to their offers.

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